Brindha Anand

I love radiant because this place really did wonders for me. My daily routine added stress to my mind and I lost my fitness. I joined radiant on feb 2011 to reduce my weight, and improve fitness level. During this period I have lost 11kgs plus my overall body measurement came down drastically and fitness level also increased. All this fitness improvement has become possible only because of radiant.

Apart from my weight loss, I also feel fresh and stress free. Radiant has a perfect environment, proper equipment, right ambience and friendly team of trainers, dietician and support staff led by dynamic managing director of Radiant, Dr.Renuka who’s inspirational and motivating advice and guidance made me more confident.
I once again thank Radiant and wishes for its great success.


i am heena .I reside at t.nagar, very close to radiant. I have a very good relationship with radiant since last four years. I have been coming to radiant from last 4 years but with short intervals, but from last one year I have been coming regularly to the gym. The whole criteria of coming to the gym were to lose weight. But after coming to radiant I have got to know we gain lots of confidence after losing weight because I was 68.6 when I came here and now I am 54.1. All this could happen because of Dr.Vanathi who is my physical trainer who helped me a lot in losing almost 13-14 kgs. I was totally shapeless and she is the one who got me into shape. Seeing my phenomenal change my family, friends , relatives everyone were shocked.

I will have to talk about the Dr, Renuka David who takes a lot of care on her clients and she helps everyone with lots of tips and suggestions. She has made our life even more healthier by providing us healthy quality food and different kinds of healthy juices.

I would like to list down what I have gained from radiant

  • Excellent trainer
  • Weight Reduction
  • Any time massage and parlor services
  • Healthy Friendship
  • Diet Food and juices
  • Gained lots of confidence
  • Above all unimaginable compliments.
In my words, Radiant Means
  • R – Rocking renuka
  • A – Amiable
  • D – Diet
  • I – Incredible
  • A – Attention
  • N – Nutritious
  • T – Trainer

This note is my personal feedback about Radiant and especially about trainer Mr. Moorthy. I want to personally meet and give this feedback in person and as I could not get your time, I thought to provide the feedback through mail.
It has been 2 months since I joined Radiant and the purpose I joined was to ‘tune my body weight’. I can see changes in my body fitness, thought it is just 2 months, and like to provide my feedback about the service of Radiant and training system of trainer Mr. Moorthy.

I actually stepped in to Radiant because of Ms. Susheela’s ‘continuous welcoming call’ to visit Radiant. I actually decided to join because of the genuine updates provided by Ms. Susheela (which usually does not happen in this Business competitive world).

I was taking up the fitness center after 4 years and my Initial trainer was Mr. Rajesh. He clearly gave me the schedule of how Fitness training schedule works by not over exaggerating things. Mr. Moorthy took up my training schedule within 10 days of my joining. I already gave a feedback about his ‘Energy and Enthusiasm’ which transmits to the ‘Doer’ in early morning.
Though I need to wait for some more months to get the end result of the purpose I joined Radiant. It gives me immense pleasure in sharing my pleasant experience with Radiant through the form of Feedback.

About Radiant:
  • Very genuine in giving the Fee details by not over exaggerating in this competitive world
  • Customer service provided by them carries lots of hospitality in their approach in the materialistic world
  • Infrastructure and the instruments are very fairly maintained

I am very happy about the service provided till date by Radiant.

Vandana Srinivasan

My Name is Vandana Srinivasan , I am a 42 Years old female , client of your Radiant Fitness Centre. On April 2011, I underwent serious slip disk problem and was hospitalized for more than 2 weeks while discharge I was advised to do few spin strengthening exercise regularly at home to prevent myself from future problems. At home it was not possible for me to exercise as advised due to something or other problems. Chitrei came as a rescue person in my life from this problem. She suggested me to join radiant fitness centre and introduced me to Vanathy my physical trainer (who is also physiotherapist). Instead of pushing me in doing best in my entire workout, she really concentrated on both pain issues and on my diet also.

I just wanted to let you how happy I am with the service provided by your team. I just thought it is important to let you know the gratitude I have towards your team and radiant fitness centre.

On a final note, I have to say a few words about your team trying so eagerly to promote your success. Each and everybody have caring dedication.